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Kay Morton is a Positive Leadership coach, who loves to help business owners learn how to lead their team more effectively, so they can all thrive.

Kay is an empathetic, yet challenging coach and an engaging facilitator, speaker and trainer.

Kay works with small and medium-sized business owners to develop their leadership skills. She helps them create a positive working environment with engaged, happy and productive people. Clients come to Kay for help with improving communications within the team, or when turnover is high. Also, people work with Kay to create a more positive culture, especially if employees are disengaged.

When working with clients, Kay uses a number of different tools to achieve outcomes:

>     Behavioural profiling assessments. These can help people to understand their own and other’s behaviour, and to improve their relationships with others more deeply.  (Extended DISC assessment tool).

>     Strengths-based work. To help clients bring out the best in themselves and the people they are leading, using a variety of strengths assessment tools.

>     Positive Psychology coaching. Implementing a variety of positive psychology interventions with the business owner and their team.

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