The "How To Series" On Business Recovery and Growth
Engage, Reinvigorate and Collaborate

Manningham Business Network and the Victorian State Government have come together to Engage, Reinvigorate and Collaborate with Local Business to build COVID-19 resilience. Enabling them to restart, recover and reinvigorate their Business.

To extend support to local Traders we will be running a series of Webinars. This Series is focused on COVID-19 resilience, restart and recovery for Local Business Owners and Traders in The Manningham Area.

These Webinars focus on empowering local businesses and help members to transition and adapt their businesses to the new COVID Normal. This will enable businesses to continue to operate in the community whilst also giving back where they can.

The Training Webinars are run as Masterclasses and Recorded for your ease. The Recorded Webinars are Freely available for all Business Owners to access and utilise again and again. Along with the Webinars there are PDF Resources for you to Download and Utilise for your Business.

How To Invest For A Secure Future

with Christine Williams

How to tackle tax planning before 30 June

with Adam Betts & Daniel Dubois